The many ways to utilize Zoom

Rebecca Davids

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There are many activities done over Zoom.

Photo illustration by Maram Faragallah

There are many activities done over Zoom.

With people stuck in their houses during their self quarantine, Zoom has become a leading platform in the way people communicate. Zoom allows for video and audio conferencing making it easily accessible for many people to participate. The free version of Zoom can host up to 100 participants unlike the rival Skype which can host 50 participants. A free Zoom call lasts up to 40 minutes. A user can pay $14.99 monthly for unlimited minutes.

Zoom offers many features making the platform widely used and intriguing to its customers. Some of the Zoom features include screen sharing, chat box, breakout rooms and even recording, plus a lot more.

A great way to catch up and hang out with friends is by using Zoom, which is different from the typical facetime on iphones.

“I’ve been using Zoom, with my youth group Kensington Emanuel Senior Temple Youth (KESTY), but also for chorus practice. Teachers as well have used Zoom for class meet ups too,” sophomore Kayden Reff said.

Even though people are not celebrating holidays in person, they can do it over Zoom. Families got together to celebrate holidays including Passover and Easter virtually. Seders, brunches, and services were all an intricate part of holidays this year that happened online.

Teachers are making Zoom a part of their new learning structure.

“Zoom is being used to video chat with other students and teachers. I’m using Zoom for my geometry class and my resource class and for one on one with my teachers if needed,” senior Jordan Scott-Geason said.

Other ways Zoom can be used are for virtual workout sessions and chats with friends. Even though our daily lives have changed, Zoom offers a great way for daily activities to still occur.

With Zoom gaining widespread popularity, there have been concerns over security and privacy. Zoom has offered many ways for people to be safe users, especially for teachers teaching in their classrooms.

“Send everyone to the virtual waiting area, where you can admit them individually or all at once,” a Zoom blog said.