Athletes look forward to playing this season


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The boys lacrosse team is excited to get back out on the field again after missing out on last season.

With the fall sports season coming to a start, we will have to see whether teams are going to have their full squads. With many Covid restrictions, there is a lot of uncertainty about the upcoming seasons.

Soccer practices have started up again as the team prepares for their shortened season. Sophomore Sean Blakeslee will be a key piece on this team and he is certainly looking forward to showcasing his talent again this year.

“I can’t wait to get back on the field with my teammates and compete against the other top schools in the county. While it has been a very weird year, a lot of our guys have been staying prepared for any type of season that we have. With this season being different than anything we have ever experienced, a few of my past teammates decided not to play this year and Covid was certainly a factor,” Blakeslee said.

Spring sports are set to pick back up again in April. Assuming all things go well with the shortened fall season, spring athletes should be able to play as well. Senior baseball player Kevin Martin has been staying in shape in hope of a baseball season after last year all Spring sports were canceled.

“I am hoping that we can have some sort of season. It would suck to graduate high school having your junior and senior years of baseball canceled. I think that most of the baseball team would love a shot to come back out for this season because although we need to make sure that we are being extremely safe with Covid, baseball is a sport where we can be safely distanced from the other team at all times,” Martin said.

While baseball is a sport that sees less contact, lacrosse on the other hand is a sport with a lot of contact. Senior Jacob Dincin was very annoyed that his junior lacrosse season was canceled and he hopes that he can at least go out on that field one more time wearing his wildcats jersey.

“Lacrosse can be a sport with a lot of contact, but if everyone who plays agrees that they will stay safe with Covid precautions then I think it would be a great idea to have this shortened season because it would mean a lot to all of our seniors to have one last chance to play together,” Dincin said.

Having any type of shortened sports season would definitely mean a lot to these athletes. WIth many not going on to play sports in college this will be the last time they play their sport competitively.