Students prediction on who will be the first pick in the NFL Draft


As the NFL draft approaches, many teams get ready to make their picks and the Jaguars hold the first overall pick. Teams prepare by scouting college players and seeing what they need and what players they could use to fix their weaknesses.

While coaches do this, the analysts get ready by making predictions on who they think will be the number 1 pick. WJ students do the same thing.

“Aidan Hutchinson will be picked all the way to first overall because of his elite pass rushing ability. He has a better chance to be a future pro bowler than a bust,” junior Mac Oursler said.

Senior Will Gardner disagrees.

“Kavon Tibbs [will go first] because he’s the best athlete that fits the needs of the Jaguars,” Gardner said.

However, since the combine has not happened yet it is very hard to make an accurate prediction on who will get picked first. It is even harder to know who will be a Probowler or Hall of Famer or a bust. This is why when drafting a player the most important thing is to see things that will translate quickly to the NFL like size, athleticism, speed, work ethic and leadership.

Overall, athleticism makes scouts drool with the player’s potential and it is what scouts look for to see a player’s potential to be a star or a bust. This is because it can be a determining factor in any position. Although some require more skill, almost all the positions in football can be dominated by players as long as they are big enough, fast enough, and strong enough.

However, sometimes scouts care way too much about potential and athleticism and miss out on future Hall of Fame talents who were deemed as two slow or, non athletic and small. However, what they miss is things like their football iq or their work ethic and desire to be great.