Seniors host a ‘senior prank’ during school hours

Jona Jancewicz

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The WJ senior class spray paints the roof with 2022. The prank was very popular among the senior class.

On Thursday, May 19, seniors held a party outside in the drop off circle near the gymnasium. Beginning after first period, seniors gathered for a tailgate which was broken up by security just before lunch.

“I definitely liked the senior party, the activities were fun and chill. It was nice to have some fun time with my peers before we leave for whatever the future brings to us,” senior James Vandevelde said.

The party included cornhole, cup pong, soccer volleyball, a party bus, a cook out and more. Held during the middle of the school day, seniors flocked to the party with or without excused absences from their teachers. To top it all off, the class of 2022 held a senior prank at the party.

Senior pranks are very controversial, most high schools do not allow them. Each year seniors take the prank too far, and get into trouble. Senior pranks usually consist of the senior class acting as a group and doing something that is against the rules of the school. This year the senior class decided to spray paint their class year, 2022, in white on the green section of the roof on top of the school.

“I thought it was really well done. I thought a lot of people brought a lot of stuff for us to do. It was really cool and it was a great way to spend the day. The spraypaint up top was also really cool,” senior J.P. Rakis said.