Another season of Grey’s Anatomy? Really?

Isabella Suarez

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Grey’s anatomy season 19 leaves people wondering how much longer the show will last.

With the release of season 19 of “Grey’s Anatomy” comes questions about how much longer the show is going to last. Bored in quarantine and not knowing what to watch, a lot of teenagers picked up watching it.

“It took me a span of three weeks to go from season one to season six of the show. I was that addicted,” freshman Alexandra Royzman said.

However, it seems only those who view the show appreciate its length.

“When watching all 18 seasons of the show, it seems as if they are just adding additional seasons that don’t need to be included and I think the show should end,” freshman Julia Levinson said.

In an interview with People magazine, the show’s main actress, Ellen Pompeo [Meredith Grey], said that she is ready for her character to retire, but the show’s producer, Shonda Rhimes, had different ideas.

Over the past 18 seasons, most of the characters have either left to go to another job on the show or been killed off. From the original season one cast, only Ellen Pompeo [Meredith Grey], James Picken Jr. [Richard Webber] and Chandra Wilson [Miranda Bailey] remain.

Many of the show’s loyal viewers were shocked when producers announced that there was going to be another season and possibly two more to come after. With seasons 17 and 18 of the show focusing on the Covid-19 pandemic and the lives of Meredith and her “sisters,” viewers wonder if season 19 will be similar or if they will be dealing with the aftermath of Covid-19 or a future without it at all.

Given the longevity of the show, viewers ask, why prolong the show at all?

“I was told by my friends not to watch the most recent season because it was boring and not that interesting and because with the way season 17 ended, I wasn’t very inclined to watch it anyway,” freshman Anna Kotek said.

With season 18 hitting an all-time low in ratings, many speculate whether they will proceed with the show at all. Despite the anticlimactic seasons 17 and 18, the early days of Grey’s Anatomy will be missed along with the original cast members.