What juniors are looking forward to senior year?


Photo courtesy of Sanir Byanjankar

The Junior Classes’ powderpuff team went against the senior girls in a flag football game. Junior Rita Bousadi enjoyed playing this year, but is excited to be able to be a senior during powderpuff next year. “Powderpuff was super fun, but I’m so excited for events next year when class of 2023 can shine,” Bousadi said.

As the 2021-2022 school year comes to an end, the class of 2023 is excited to begin planning for their senior year. The class of 2023 has had a very unusual high school experience, as Covid hit a little more than half through their freshman year, right when the adjustment period to high school was getting easier. A big portion of the junior’s high school experience has been online, with this year being their first full year in the building, and students have had to be able to adapt quickly as junior year serves to be one of the most important academic years. 

   After all the hardships the class of 2023 has endured, incoming seniors are ecstatic to be able to (hopefully) have a full, Covid-free senior year. Junior Kate Alshab is sad she had a shortened high school experience, but is hopeful that a great senior year will make it worth it. 

“I’m really excited for senior year as a whole, especially senior night [for field hockey] as I alway imagined walking the field with my family,” Alshab said. 

    Becoming a senior comes with many perks as well, and many juniors are excited for the privileges they will soon receive. Junior Braden LaChapelle has always wanted to enjoy senior activities, and is happy that it is almost his grade’s time to shine. 

“I’m looking forward to the senior-only events like prom, graduation, beach week, etc; I’m also looking forward to carrying on the tradition of this year’s seniors,” LaChapelle said. 

  Senior year also comes with responsibilities, and the senior class officers plan to work tirelessly to give the class of 2023 the best senior year possible. The senior class officers include Andrew Plotnick (President), Tomas Flores (Vice President), Ava Benson (Secretary) and Leo Pahuja (Treasurer). 

     Members of leadership for the 2022-2023 school year are also excitedly anticipating next school year, as the leadership class is involved in the planning of many senior activities. Junior Gigi Relacion who is in next year’s leadership class is hoping to create a cohesive and fun senior year  for all. 

“Next year is our year, and the class of 2023 leadership is committed to making sure seniors have the best time possible,” Relacion said.