Fire fighters respond to the smell of smoke

Jona Jancewicz

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The J&J Show: Episode 1
September 21, 2022

Photo by Jona Jancewicz

Firefighters show up to WJ after a fire alarm is pulled due to the smell of smoke. The fire fighters isolated the source and made sure it was safe for the students to return.

The morning of Sep. 12, students and staff were interrupted in the middle of first period to the sound of a fire alarm. Rushing the students outside, much of the staff and student body were confused because there was no planned fire drill.

Students and staff waited outside of the school, wondering what was going on when two Montgomery County fire trucks pulled up to the school, escalating the situation. The fire fighters found the source for why the fire alarm was pulled.

“On the ground level they were smelling smoke and we decided, out of precaution of course, to pull the alarm. We pulled the alarm due to the smell of smoke. When the fireman came they isolated it to a unit on the top of the building that had a fan on it. That fan belt broke and started to produce smoke,” Principal Jennifer Baker said.

The situation was handled, and the firefighters deemed it safe for the students to return into the school, even though there would be a smokey smell lingering in the building for the rest of the day.