Positive Psychology class introduced to course catalog


Photo courtesy Ishaan Ramola

Third period positive psych watches a documentary called “Happy.” The documentary explores human happiness which heavily links to the class curriculum.

Beginning this school year a new class, Positive Psychology has been introduced to WJ. The semester-long class focuses on the psychology behind personal well-being and healthy habits and is taught by psychology teacher Geraldine Acquard.

“I was approached by a colleague at another school [about positive psych] and decided to undertake this endeavor and the school system fully supported us,” Acquard said.

Another popular class is AP Psychology, a full year course that goes in depth about the psychology of what is wrong with people. Positive Psychology builds upon ideas taught in this class, yet it is not a requirement for students wanting to take the class.

“You don’t need to take AP Psych because AP Psych is more about what is wrong with people and what goes on in our bodies. Positive psych is more about the good stuff people do and how to improve your life,” senior Ellie Hilton said.

Another great benefit of positive psychology is that it is a lighter load than AP Psych. Students who have schedules packed with AP’s and other tough courses can take positive psych for a more lighthearted class.

“I chose to take the class because I was interested in psychology and wanted a not so challenging class,” junior Emma Lindsey said.

Students who want to better themselves by learning healthy habits should take the class in addition to students interested in a career in psychology.

“[Positive psych] is beneficial for pursuing psychology because recently there has been a great emphasis on personal well-being in the psychology world,” Acquard said.

Overall, the positive psychology course offers another angle into the study of psychology and is an option for any student with an interest in well-being or psychology.