AP Government classes now separated between sophomores and freshmen

Teacher Fredrick Delello assists his AP Government students as they work on an assignment.

For many high schoolers, AP Government will be the first AP class they take. They will enroll in the class in either their freshman or sophomore years of high school. Of course, the level of experience and state of mind varies between them and leads to different challenges for each in the class.

Interestingly, AP Government teacher Fredrick Delello says that sophomores struggle more than freshmen. He finds that this is largely due to a gap in motivation between the grades.

“I think the freshmen come in with an excitement for high school and they know that an AP class is going to be challenging,” Delello said.

Previously, the class sections had both sophomores and freshmen within them. Now, they are in different class sections. This has enabled teachers to vary their style of instruction and the exact nature of assignments like concept cards to best serve the needs of each grade.

Freshman Rishi Mokkarala appreciates the steps teachers take to make the class more workable for students.

“[They’re doing a good job] making sure that we can manage it [the class] and just using their skills as teachers to make sure we understand the whole thing,” Mokkarala said.

Mokkarala also observes that the work assigned is a heavy load but helpful in mastering class material.

“Once you’ve done the work, you actually feel like you understand stuff,” Mokkarala said.

Sophomore Ethan Carrasco finds that the concept card format helps him prepare for AP assessments like Free Response Questions (FRQs). Carassco also notes that the class is manageable despite its challenges.

“If you put in the effort and you actually try and study for things, it won’t be too difficult,” Carrasco said.