One Love club educates on relationships, domestic violence


Photo courtesy of Olivia McCloskey

Juniors Hillevi Schine, Natalya Krouse, Anna Zucconi and senior Olivia Israel sell ribbons during a One Love club fundraiser at a field hockey game. The light blue ribbons sold for $1 contributed to the fundraiser total of $4,136.

The One Love Foundation empowers young adults by providing the tools and resources to recognize the signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships. Following the recent loss of alumni to domestic violence, students have been inspired to start a club with the One Love Foundation for the 2022-2023 school year to protect students and keep the community safe.

The One Love Foundation educates young people about unhealthy relationships so that such relationships are recognized and avoided. The foundation sets up workshops throughout the country to help spread awareness and knowledge.

The foundation provides resources for us to teach people here at WJ and we’re able to do fundraisers for the foundation so they can continue doing to succeed on their mission.

— senior club president Olivia McCloskey

Thus far, the One Love Club has had two fundraising events at the girl’s field hockey game against BCC and the boy’s soccer game against RM. Even through the minimal amount of events, the club has exceeded financial expectations by already gathering $4,136.

“We made over $3,000 in one night, and our original goal was $300,” sophomore club treasurer Anna Zucconi said.

In January of 2022, the school’s lacrosse coach lost her best friend, a past Walter Johnson lacrosse player and alumni, to domestic violence. A group of players from the lacrosse team felt inspired and wanted to bring the One Love Foundation to WJ to protect students and keep the community safe.

“We decided we wanted to bring One Love to WJ since the loss impacted the community so greatly,” McCloskey said.

In the future, the club hopes to hold workshops with different organizations and guest leaders where students can learn to recognize healthy and unhealthy relationships and learn how to deal with these situations. Club sponsor and junior varsity lacrosse coach Ashley Herdman was already aware of what happened to Abby and the foundation’s mission when the idea of the One Love Club was introduced to her, so she was quick to hop on board.

“I knew friends who had personal connections with the club and I felt it was good to support my friends. I also know that domestic violence is so common and I felt obligated to do what’s in my power to prevent it from happening to me or anyone I know,” sophomore club member Peyton Brown said.

To keep up with the club’s events, successes and meetings follow @wj.onelove on Instagram where everything is announced. Don’t fear attending a One Love meeting in room 133 as the environment’s hospitality is unmatched.

“It’s welcoming. I mean we all love each other, everybody here is friends, so it’s very loving,” Zucconi said.