Film club makes a scene


Photo Courtesy of Ishaan Ramola

Film club members watch a film together in Room G86.

Action! Cameras pan, lights glare and actors glide through the scene. All elements draw to a close and a “cut” finalizes the shot. A new scene is shot for a short film in film club. The club plans to create four original short films across the 2022-23 school year in order to stimulate the creative minds of WJ.
The film club was created to be a place where students could share their love for film and discuss the various aspects about the medium of art. However, senior officers of the club plan to include more student participation and projects than ever before in the film club for their final year of high school.

“This year, we really want to branch out and be more productive on making films,” club president senior Janaiyah Inniss said.

The film-making process will begin with students signing up in order to make sure that the club has members that they can rely on when making the films. Members will then collaborate with officers in order to brainstorm stories, which will eventually become short films through planning, shooting and editing. Students who are interested can go to G86 on Fridays in order to learn more about the process.

The club is planning to do various activities throughout the school year such as shooting shorts, renting out theaters, doing group film journals outside of school and viewing live performances. These activities will occur around every two weeks and will be dependent on fundraiser events planned by leadership.

We don’t have a set date, but in December, we will be having a very exciting fundraiser that all of the officers are looking forward to.

— creative director junior Ada Hillman

As a new member of the club, Noga Salem is excited about the upcoming projects announced by film club officers.

“I think it’s very important that students have a way to express themselves through art.
Expression is a crucial part of society, and there aren’t a lot of clubs or classes focused on creativity. Mental health in the school could really improve if more students were to join a club where they could express themselves creatively,” Salem said.

Film club leadership agrees.
“A lot of students enjoy consuming and analyzing art, and that’s an excellent interest. However, creating or at least attempting to create art is also very important and can lead students to discover new interests,” Hillman said.