MSA receives prayer space


Photo Courtesy of Soukenya Ndoye

Senior President of MSA Soukenya Ndyoe, senior Vice President of MSA Imran Hussein and sophomore Yahya Metlawi partake in one out of their five daily prayers during lunch in their new prayer room.

This school year, the Muslim Student Association (MSA) was provided a safe space in the media center conference room. The club worked alongside the administration to get a room in which they are able to hold group prayers during lunches.

Praying is important to the Muslim religion. Many Muslims pray five times a day, at designated times dispersed throughout the day: dawn, noon, mid-afternoon, sunset and night.

It is obligatory for all Muslims to pray all five prayers with the exceptions being menstruation and severe illnesses. You may postpone a prayer but it is not recommended as it may be difficult to catch up.

— Soukenya Ndoye

In Islam, if two or more people are praying at the same time, an Imam will take the lead and everyone else will follow. This is how Muslims partake in group prayers as they all follow an Imam, someone who leads prayers in a mosque, but in this case in school.

“The club holds group prayers in the sense that we all will follow a student Imam. Only males are allowed to lead prayers,” Ndoye said.

The officers want students to know that anyone is welcome; it is not exclusive to only Muslims and they encourage students not to limit themselves.

“I know religion can be a sensitive topic, but, be open. It’s always good to question religion, and the more you question it, the more you compare and contrast, you realize how strongly you may feel connected to a religion,” MSA Vice President Yavuz Ecer said.

MSA hopes that their efforts, teachings and interactions will invoke ideas students can use throughout their lives and share with others they encounter. To ensure engagement and participation the club plays games, sets up fun events outside of school and holds fundraisers connected to culture.

“During our meetings, we try to have interactive activities making students feel more comfortable and able to build friendships,” MSA Vice President Imran Hussein said.