Working students take on the busy holiday season


Photo courtesy of Natalie Krensky

Senior Eva Griebl takes on the holiday rush as a barista at Starbucks. Working during the holidays can especially be overwhelming as a student because of the Starbucks holiday specials.

Every year during the holidays, workplaces become busier than normal. Choosing to work during this time of the year gives employees a chance to improve their skills and impress their boss and other employees.

The majority of workplaces pay workers more if they choose to work on the day of a holiday; this is meant to lure more workers.

Many working students juggle school and work throughout the year. However, juggling both during the holiday season can get overwhelming.

Senior Eva Griebl began working at Starbucks in the fall. With Starbucks being one of the busiest workplaces, Griebl has learned to adjust to busier times of the day.

“Because Starbucks has holiday specials, it’s about 10 times busier than normal. On a normal day, the drive thru line is constant throughout the morning and afternoon up until 5:30 p.m. and then it starts to slow down. The lobby is not as busy as the drive thru but we still get a crazy amount of mobile orders which slow down the drive thru,” Griebl said.

Working overtime is common when there isn’t enough staff to keep the workplace running efficiently in order to keep customers coming.

Sur La Table is a store that sells kitchenware such as cookware, cutlery, cooks’ tools, small electrics, tabletop and linens, bakeware, glassware and bar, housewares, food and outdoor products.

“Luckily, working during the holidays hasn’t affected my schedule too much. However, with Sur La Table being busy, there are times when I do end up working overtime which can be draining,” senior Ayasya Bose said.

Some workplaces are less busy than others because of their popularity during a specific season.

“Over holiday season, fewer people come to swim at the rec center where I lifeguard. A few people come to swim at the indoor pool to do a couple laps, but it never gets really busy,” sophomore Mary-Grace Jackson said.

People who are able to work during the holidays tend to become more motivated about their work which helps them to perform more effectively; it may also help build confidence and develop time management skills.