Second semester is lacking fun school sponsored activities

The beginning of the school year is always a whirlwind of spirit-filled activities. Friday night football games, Homecoming hallway decorations and the fall pep rally create fun grade-level rivalries and boost overall school spirit. However, once the first quarter is over, all these activities disappear, along with all the school comradery that came with it. What we are left with is a second semester with a lackluster school environment that is confined to academics and lacks any fun school activities.

Football games are a great example of a school sponsored activity that bolsters school spirit. Activities such as themed dress like black out and tropical bring together students in a community. The school spirit that comes with cheering on the football team brings out new school traditions such as the popular WJ baby. Not to mention the football games are a great way for students to mingle and meet other new people outside of a classroom environment where it otherwise might be disrupting their time to study. Even if you are not interested in meeting new people, it’s still an easy and great environment to meet up with friends outside of school.

Homecoming is another example that comes to mind when talking about school fall activities. Starting with the lead up to the dance, Homecoming comes with its own spirit week, football game and Homecoming hallways. The anticipation before Homecoming fills the school hallways and provides a fun outlet from the stress of class. Spirit weeks are an occurrence outside of Homecoming, but Homecoming hallways are unique to this time of year. The hallway decorations provide an easy way for students to become closer to others that maybe they have not met before. It also fosters friendly grade level rivalries.

While Homecoming is not the only school dance of the year, it is the only one open for all grade levels. Looking at all the benefits of having a school sponsored activity such as a dance, it makes a lot of sense for the school to start implementing other school dances. Especially during the second semester when stress can be high due to AP exams and final grades, it becomes even more important for the school to focus on new outlets for student stress.

Glo also immediately comes to mind for most people when thinking about school dances other than Homecoming. While Glo resulted in a disaster for students and administrators, it was due to factors that did not have anything to do with it being a dance. Options such as a winter formal or a spring fling would be much safer environments than Glo, but still include all the fun of Homecoming. Especially during a time when students are stressed with applying to colleges or studying for AP exams, these dances would be a great way for students to let out stress and socialize. Activities such as the Homecoming hallways could also go along with these dances, and it would be an opportunity for a spirit week as well. All of these aspects would boost student morale and mental health in a way that would benefit the overall school environment.