Q&A with SMOB elect Sami Saeed


Photo courtesy of Special Elections Committee

Sami Saeed was elected the 46th student member of the Board on April 16.

Richard Montgomery HS junior Sami Saeed was elected as the new Student Member of the Board (SMOB) for the 2023-2024 term on April 19. This year’s voter turnout was around 60%, totalling around 56,000 votes out of 87,000 eligible student voters. Saeed won by 70% of the vote.

Saeed is currently the Student Government Association (SGA) President at Richard Montgomery and is a member of the SMOB Advisory Cabinet.

Throughout his campaign, Saeed visited a handful of MCPS schools, meeting and talking with students and faculty on areas where they want to see change. Most commonly throughout schools were issues brought up such as the quality of school lunches, mental health, infrastructure and the opportunity gap in student representation.