WJ Pennies for Patients Bachelors is back once again

WJ Pennies for Patients Bachelors is back once again

Sierra Zielske, Staff Writer

On February 9, students gathered in the auditorium for the annual WJ Bachelor’s event for Pennies for Patients, in which students bid on boys with whom they desire to go on a date with. Seniors Anya Ditchek, Kristen Shenkan and Ellen Yaffe planned the event as part of the leadership class, and senior Joey Heim was the host for the night. Heim was very enthusiastic and had great connection with the contestants and the crowd.

As the event began, the ladies and their friends lined up in front of the auditorium to buy tickets and wait for the doors to open. Each person who bought a ticket received a paper plate with a number on it to raise throughout the night.

Each boy chose an intro song for when they came out on stage. They would often dance, strut or take pieces of clothing off before reaching their seat on the couches, either next to or across from the host. Then, Heim asked the boys a few questions each, and the bidding began right after the answer. Girls put their paper plates up in the air and shouted out prices. The girls were competitive, and bids ranged from $60 to $260.

Junior Jake Steinberg was bid on by girls who combined their money to win him and he was the second highest bid of the night.

“My favorite part is that we get to watch some of our friends go on stage and do very different routines, and see how much money they go for,” junior Amanda Krupinski said about the event.

“I’m going to make a very nice home cooked meal and then we are going to go bowling,” Steinberg said in response to how he would treat his date.

Heim asked Steinberg “how would you describe yourself in one word,”

Steinberg replied with a short and simple, “sentimental,” prompting numerous cheers from the crowd.

WJ Bachelors has been a Pennies for Patients staple for many years. Students enjoy the excitement of getting a date and donating their money to a good cause.  

“I actually have [attended the event] since my sophomore year so, I’ve done it a few times,” senior contestant Kevin Salvatore said. “Being a bachelor was really fun! I’m glad I was able to help raise money for a really great cause.”