Rodman wins financial educator award


Social studies teacher Tim Rodman (center) won the 2018 Maryland High School Financial Educator of the Year award. Photo credit to Maryland State Department of Education.

Social Studies teacher Timothy Rodman won the 2018 Maryland High School Financial Educator of the Year award. Rodman was presented the award in the Maryland State House in front of the Maryland General Assembly. The award is focused on creating financially literate students. Rodman was aware of the award but had no idea his students had written in and would help him win.

“I was on my farm feeding the goats when I received a call saying I won the award,” Rodman said. “I couldn’t believe it!”

Rodman worked for the Maryland Council for Economic Education for a number of years, and has even traveled to South Africa with them to help teach financial literacy.

“I traveled with them to South Africa in 2010 and taught economics at village schools outside of Johannesburg. I’ve also presented at a number of conferences they’ve held on financial literacy; focusing on how to teach teachers to teach financial literacy,” Rodman said.

To him, this is an important aspect of students’ education and their path to becoming well-rounded individuals.

“We want students to know what they’re doing when it comes to money. From balancing your checkbook, to reconciling credit card statements to opening a business and investing in your future. Knowing what to do when your identity is stolen. I worked with the county to develop a curriculum this year with multiple principals and presented at a few state conferences to schools that use the curriculum,” Rodman said.

Rodman hopes to stay active in working with the Maryland Council for Economic Education and continue to effectively educate students on financial literacy.