Spring pep rally: male poms steal the show

Lindsey Rothenstein

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Photo by Sarah Epstein

Male poms pose for a quick photo before the big performance. All the boys were excited to perform and felt happy after they left.

Earlier today, the SGA and Leadership Class excited students with their third and final pep rally of the 2018-19 school year. Male poms, gymnastics and the numerous team captains helped pump up students up for yet another exciting season of sports. The spring sports include baseball, volleyball, lacrosse, softball, tennis, track and gymnastics.

The pep rally began with the SGA introductions and cheers to get the crowd going. The “Seniors 19” chant was a bittersweet moment for many, as it was the seniors’ last pep rally.

“It was really fun and bittersweet. I think it was the best pep rally we’ve ever had in all four years,” senior Stephanie Miljanic said

Gymnastics soon entered with their “under the sea” themed spirit and stunned students with their impressive tumbling skills. Boys’ and girls’ lacrosse then followed, with costumes and accessories that made a lasting impression on some.

“Hunter Park raised my spirits with the appearance of his alter ego, Grace Park. He put on a blonde wig during the boys lacrosse team presentation to look exactly like his older sister and I found it really funny,” sophomore Jacob Dincin said.

After the rest of the sports were introduced, male poms rounded out the pep rally with a stellar performance. The senior boys danced to many hit songs, including Ariana Grande’s “7 rings” and DJ Buss’ “Bust Down Thotiana”. They showed off their flexibility during the kick line and perfectly executed the snake move, which is always a crowd pleaser.

“We came a long way. We’ve been training for this day for days now and it all led up to that one moment. We were definitely the best male poms Walter Johnson has ever seen. Us girls really killed it out there,” senior Donny Campuzano said.

Every year, the boys end their performance with unique and comedic sign-offs. Senior and cheer captain Nick Orellana took advantage of this opportunity to show off his best skill.

“When Nick did the middle-split jump and landed in the splits, I think I peed myself a little. Best part of the pep rally for sure,” senior and Julia Baumel said.

Photo by Eleanor Wright
The senior section was full of energy and the seniors were decked out in green.
Girls lacrosse is known for their creative and unique spirits, and they didn’t disappoint this year with a Lucky Charms theme.
Senior Noah Osmer-Cerrud introduced the boys baseball team.