Security monitoring bathrooms creates discomfort


Photo by Caleb Kasten

This bathroom is one of the only private bathrooms in the school which many students take advantage of to avoid the drama in the other bathrooms. This is located near the auditorium.

Students have mixed feelings of security becoming more strict this school year. When one walks into school, it is mandatory to show identification. This is one of many new rules that were implemented for this school year. But some things security does are seen as over the top and unnecessary by students. For example, students sometimes can’t even walk into the bathroom without being followed by a security guard. 

“I find it disturbing that most times I go to the bathroom I am followed by one of the security guards,” senior Brady Wheedan said.

Just a couple years ago, it wouldn’t be an issue if a student wanted to take a five minute walk to relax and get away from the stress. But, if a security guard sees you in the hallway multiple times this year, they will tell you to go back to class or ask you for your name and ID to “write you down” for punishment purposes. What used to be a quick bathroom break for students has turned into a long process.

 “I feel uncomfortable whenever I go to the bathroom and security asks me questions,” junior Jay Wandell said. 

Not only do students find this annoying, but it is also inconvenient to them because it makes them late to class, which then affects their learning time. 

Not only are bathrooms being looked over by security, but they are also closing a number of bathrooms across the school. This makes students’ bathroom breaks longer, trying to search for an open bathroom.

However, a main reason why these rules got more strict is because of the recent overdoses that have occurred in school bathrooms. 

“I think it is good that security guards check in the bathrooms once in a while to make sure everybody is being safe,” senior Nik Avillo said.

There have been countless incidents inside and outside of the school where students have overdosed, so the increasingly strict security is an extra precaution to make sure students safety comes first.

Overall, this year’s limitations by security are there to help us stay safe, but students are concerned it takes away much needed independence from them in a very stressful environment.