Fine Arts Festival shows student creativity


Each year, the WJ students and staff host the Fine Arts Festival. The event is held in the small gym and every student in an art class contributes at least one piece of work to the festival. Students who wish to see the displays can visit the art show at lunch, after school or with their classes during the school day. The art show is also open for parents and other visitors in the evening.

Sophomore Lauren Danco is a student in Digital Art 1. Danco had two pieces in the show.

Danco is a beginner in art, but she appreciates being able to observe the other pieces of art that very experienced people have made.

“The best part of the art show, in my opinion, is getting to see other people’s work and become inspired by what the made,” Danco said.

Stephanie Ellis, Ceramics and 3D Design teacher, was one of the organizers of the Fine Arts Festival. She had many jobs to do when preparing for the festival, but her main job was to send out the advertisements for the show.

All art teachers are responsible for having each and every one of their students display their artwork in the Fine Art Festival. The art teachers also organize all of the art students to help set up and take down the show,” Ellis said.

Many people believe that it is very important to have an art festival at WJ and have the ability to showcase the best art from the school.

“I think it is important to have the Fine Arts Festival at WJ because it allows the students to show their creativity and emotions through their pieces of art,” Danco said.

Ellis is consistently proud of her students for what they learn and create in her art classes.

We have so many talented hardworking art students who deserve the recognition of their efforts. The Fine Art Festival provides to [everyone] a much needed time to come and linger among amazing student artwork,” Ellis said.

The Fine Arts Festival is expected to continue to be an annual event at WJ.