Students celebrate first spirit week of 2018-2019 school year


Students at WJ celebrated the first Spirit Week of the 2018-2019 school year this past week. Although shortened by a preceding three-day weekend, the remaining four days were still a lot of fun for students. The week came to a close on Friday Sept. 13 with a school-wide pep rally to build excitement around our fall sports teams.

This year’s spirits were much simpler than last year’s, demonstrating an intentional attempt by the SGA and Leadership class to increase participation.

“We chose simpler spirits because we noticed that last year’s complex ideas did not work very well with the students,” SGA President Corey Criss said. “I think that spirit week was very successful. Although the first two days were slower for underclassmen than the other two days, there were still a lot of people participating.”

Tuesday, the first day of Spirit Week, was Terps Day where students decked themselves out in red, yellow and white, resembling the Maryland flag. Tie dye colors and oversized afros made a return to WJ for Woodstock Wednesday. Thursday was USA Day where students sported their most patriotic and colorful outfits, and the halls were filled with stars and stripes. Friday continued a school tradition of dressing in assigned class colors. The seniors wore green, juniors black, sophomores white, and freshmen red.