WJ Black Student Union Letter to the Editor

Hello students, staff and faculty. WJ’s Black Student Union here with a few non-gentle reminders regarding Black lives. First, they still matter. The agenda isn’t paused by losing interest. Nor will we allow it to lose momentum. This movement isn’t based on a sole cry of American policing. The Black Lives Matter movement is about bringing deep rooted systemic change to every aspect of American history and policies that are anti-Black. We as a community have been too silent and have done too little to protect our Black students during this time. We as a school have harvested and normalized racism as well as bypassed the harm it does to our Black students through the fear of white discomfort. To our allies and supporters, please be unapologetic in your support of this movement. Understand that by saying Black Lives Matter you’re committing to reversing the years of racist ideology that has been fed to you through the different systems and politics you have consumed, understand there is a responsibility in listening to the stories and concerns of the lives you support and lastly, understand that you cannot spit anti-racist rhetoric while supporting people that benefit from anti-Blackness and are still actively racist. This is broader than the police, broader than politicians, this is about dismantling racism and ensuring that Black lives are seen and valued the same as their white counterparts. Black Student Union is committed to being a safe space for ALL Black students as they go through the rest of their high school career. We conclude on a note that this movement is not a clout opportunity and fighting for the oppressed isn’t a morality test.
To our Black peers,

We see you, you’re heard.