Sourish Dey’s senior reflection

In my freshman year, I decided to take Journalism rather than PE. The class seemed interesting so I signed up. The class itself was fun and I got to learn many things that help me not only in the Pitch, but in my life in general. Working on articles for Pitch gives me great happiness. Interviewing people, doing research, writing an article, and sharing it with the school feels uniquely meaningful.

Beyond the work of the class itself, I have had so much fun with my Pitch buddies. I appreciate them for being supportive friends in this class. I got to have great conversations with Nour on local politics. Yuval is always willing to give advice when I need suggestions. And, of course, my day one Baxter, has continued to be a great buddy not only for Pitch but my high school experience in general.

I also have to give major appreciation to Mrs. Borrelli. The environment of a classroom is in many ways set by the teacher. She makes the Pitch the place that it is. Thank you for that. It’s not hyperbole for me to say that my high school experience has been measurably better thanks to the Pitch.

As many on the Pitch know, I’m a transit nerd. The state of American transportation is a constant mix of frustration, disappointment, joy and progress. Some days, the headways on the Metro are reduced, the bike lanes on University Boulevard are removed, or the metro is on the cusp of a financial crisis. But on other occasions, I feel good when a new rail extension opens or new protected bike lanes hit my previously treacherous bike ride to school. Beyond this roller coaster of feelings, there is an underlying beauty. There is nothing like biking down Old Georgetown Road in the morning or waiting for a train at Gallery Place. In many ways, high school is like that. There are times I feel happy, sad, or anxious. But underneath that, I have a great appreciation for the experience. The friends that I have made and the experiences I’ve had have been incredible. In the movie Cars, they say that “life is a highway,” but maybe it’s the Red Line train to Glenmont.