Second semester seniors lose what dwindling motivation they have left


Kate Rarey

As we progress into 2018, the little motivation seniors pretend to possess begins to dwindle into second semester. I’m a culprit myself — with several college acceptances under my belt, it has begun to get harder and harder to peel myself out of my warm bed each morning. Homework has become an archaic practice, one that is completed only if it is absolutely dire, while studying is even more rare.

It’s a phenomenon that has recurred every year as second semester rolls around, with graduation looming on the horizon. The label “Second Semester Senior” follows you around, the voice of reason in your head as you remember your backpack sitting in the corner of your bedroom, untouched. You ask yourself each day: Why does it matter? Why am I sitting in class anymore? Only the college you commit to will receive your second semester transcript, and even that won’t be until late spring. What would even be the point of trying? Even the bare minimum feels too much of a stretch.

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. After putting in academic effort for a solid 12 years, it’s not so easy to just cease to put in any work just like that. The drive to do well still exists somewhere, deep down, underneath all those layers of laziness and exhaustion. It pains you to realize, but you can only slack to a certain extent. Granted, I have yet to discover that limit, but I’m sure I’ll get there. And with a full four years of college in front of me, I better get my act together and beat the second semester slump before it beats me.