Health fair educates and entertains students

The second and final health fair of the year occurred last Friday and rounded out many visitors per usual. The students involved have been working on their projects throughout second semester and were eager to provide visitors with stickers, stress balls and a wealth of new knowledge.

There were 64 stands available for students to visit and they each covered topics ranging from down syndrome to masturbation. Other interesting topics included ADHD, teen pregnancy, skin cancer and postpartum depression.

“The health fair was fun to be a part of this year because we got to teach people things they may have not known about,” sophomore Leo Quattrucci said. “It was also cool to learn about other topics that the other groups were presenting.”

In addition to displaying information on their topic, the students involved were required to have an interactive element of their presentation for visitors to engage in when they arrived at their stand. Some standouts were water pong, kahoot, and drunk goggles which were available for students to try on.

“My group did narcotics and I think we had the best game. We brought out an old beyblade set and lots of people stopped because they wanted to play. It was all super fun!” senior Corey Criss said.

In order to graduate, all students at WJ are required to obtain one health credit. Some students choose to complete an online health course over the summer, but most students take the one-semester long class during either their sophomore, junior or senior year.

“I think it went really well! It was a good way to practice public speaking which I really enjoyed, and I liked connecting with all the different grade levels. I also liked being able to see everyone else’s projects and the effort they put in,” junior Kayla Kazemzadeh said.