WJ student hit and seriously injured by car

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Photo courtesy of Army.mil

School buses are equipped with stop signs, red flashing lights and cameras. The driver stayed on the scene after the incident.

*Updated Dec. 20, 2019

On December 19, a fundraising team launched a GoFundMe for Haddad.  The team has made their goal for contributions $118,000.  At the time this article was published, $30,000 has been raised by 389 donors.

The fundraiser noted that while Haddad is still in an ICU, and in critical condition, “his vital signs are stable with some encouraging indications.”


A 17-year-old Walter Johnson senior, Eyal Amram Haddad, struck by a Jeep while walking to his school bus this morning has life threatening injuries.

The collision occurred at the Montrose Road and Bargate Court intersection. Montgomery County Police say they received an emergency call at 7:18 a.m. and were on the scene shortly thereafter.

The driver of the Jeep remained on the scene. Police are investigating whether the driver illegally passed the school bus before colliding with Haddad.

In an email to WJ staff this morning, on behalf of Principal Jennifer Baker, administrative secretary Keria Kinsey Nahar told faculty members to “send all your thoughts and prayers to [the student] and his family.”

In an announcement over the PA system, Baker told students that Haddad’s parents and other school officials are with him at the hospital.

Junior Pablo Rouco was on the bus when the collision occurred.

“There were kids outside waiting and they clearly saw the impact. The students outside were distraught and crying,” he said. “One student, a senior, who was outside at the stop immediately ran to help [Haddad]. He deserves some recognition.”

Guidance counselors and extra Montgomery County support are available to students today, and the Leadership class organized a card signing during lunch.

This accident comes less than 24 hours after a nine-year-old girl was struck and killed by her school bus near Bradley Hills Elementary School.

The girl was hit crossing the street near her bus stop after she got off yesterday afternoon.