2020 fashion trends: What to watch for

Brigitte Kaba

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Look out, world! As we enter the new decade, the fashion media is coming in hot. And it is looking better than ever for the new year. In 2020, we leave behind fads such as street wear and wearing oversized, logo clothing. So what does the new decade have to bring?

“Feminine pieces, such as dainty jewelry, polka-dots, shorts, and neon colors will be booming. Basically everything from the disco era, when pieces were practical yet rich,” Australian model Emily Elizabeth May said.

The past few seasons saw a lot of ‘90s grunge, so this year we gear towards romantic pieces of the disco era. Exaggerated sleeves, short hemlines and Chanel handbags are all going back in style.

It’s common now to wear clean prints, in tune with the eco-friendly emphasis the world follows. Sustainable fashion brands will see a major spike in sales compared to previous years.

Above what someone wears, what matters more is the way they feel.

“When you wear what you like, it’s obvious to those around you because you carry yourself with confidence, and watching others do this inspires me to do the same,” POPSUGAR Fashion editor, Sarah Wasilak said.