WJ excels at Model UN conference

Rebecca Davids

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Model UN recently attended the annual Johns Hopkins University Model United Nations Conference in Baltimore.

The Model United Nations Club is an academic simulation of the United Nations that strives to give participants the opportunity to learn about international issues and diplomacy while participating.

The role of Vice President junior Alejandro Colmenares is to guide and mentor all of the participants.

“I did research about the topic and wrote two position papers (one for each topic). I serve as a moderator and ‘coach’ for the students,” Colmenares said.

The point of this conference was to talk about world issues and pass mock resolutions for them.

“During the conference, we mainly brainstormed ideas and got to meet new people who were like-minded in their want to better the world,” junior Veronika Znam said.

After much preparation for the conference, it was not only a great educational experience, but also extremely informative, especially for first time conference attendee, Znam.

“The conference was a great experience and I learned a lot about the international policy making process,” Znam said

The Model UN conference is beneficial to any WJ student who attends.

“It gives students the opportunity to improve their communication skills in a competitive field. It’s a great way to network for the future,” Colmenares said.

Juniors Danis Cammett and Siddarth Srinivasan received best delegate and Max Freidlin attained honorable mention.