Seniors finding college roommates

Molly Benson

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April 29, 2020

Photo courtesy of Leah Bregman

Bregman poses for a selfie with her new found UMD roommate during this quarentine.

It’s spring time, and annually spring means making a decision when it comes to college. Although this year has had some setbacks that have altered people’s college decisions, many people are still on track for where they want to attend for the next four years. With college comes new responsibility, new people, new classes and, last but not least, a roommate.

It’s exciting for seniors to have a chance to get to know some of their incoming classmates better, and to test out the waters of some new friendships. A lot of people who have been deciding to choose a roommate have joined their schools Facebook group chats. This gives this person an opportunity to get to know many people at once, and decide which people from the entire chat they would consider living with.

Senior Leah Bregman is going to the University of Maryland, College Park, and has successfully found herself a roommate for the fall.

“At first it was really stressful because I was just having bland conversations with a bunch of people but not really connecting with anyone. At one point I considered choosing a roommate at random because the process got irritating, but then I decided to message one girl and we got along right away!” Bregman said.

Another senior ready to get things started is Caroline Kennon, who will be attending the University of Georgia in the fall.

“It was really fun talking to a bunch of new people and I found a roommate already so I’m really excited for next year!” Kennon said.

Another option is to select a roommate at random. Many people do this to avoid stressing out about finding the perfect roommate, and they would rather have an administrator decide randomly for them instead.

Although many people are excited about a roommate, others have been preoccupied with other things, and haven’t really thought about that yet.

“I haven’t really done anything about getting a roommate yet,” senior Jake Marks said. Meeting new people can be fun and exciting for some, and less of a priority to others. Don’t stress out if you haven’t even thought about your living plans for next year yet; there is always more time to think about these things during quarantine.