Boys’ volleyball remains undefeated more than halfway through season


Photo by Sanir Byanjankar

Junior and team captain Sebastiano Sani spikes the ball during the team’s home game against Wootton HS, April 4th. The team ended up beating Wootton 3-1 to continue its winning streak.

The boys’ volleyball team have dominated the first half of their season, going 6-0 against top WJ rivals. With five more matches to go before the county championship, the boys are looking to continue their winning streak to retake the county title, which they have won three times in the past four years, falling in the semifinal match to eventual champion Clarksburg HS last year.

The team has notched five 3-0 victories this season, against Richard Montgomery, Northwest, Rockville, Blake and Quince Orchard high school’s, and a 3-1 victory against Wootton HS, giving them an 18-1 set record.

Part of the team’s success this season has been attributed to the chemistry the boys have with each other.

“Our chemistry and our ability to work together has helped us get through tough times during games. When the game looks bad we can always rely on each other to pick one another up. Our team builds our confidence through each other,” one of the captains and junior Joseph Morris said.

Head coach Brian Fairall agrees that chemistry has been key to the team’s success, and credits the captains for leading the team.

“The team chemistry has been great. I think each player understands their role. We have been injury-free and sickness free. Our captains, Joe Morris and Seba Sani are capable of carrying us at times, as they can both be dominating players,” Fairall said.

Their next opponent, Churchill HS, is expected to be their toughest yet. The last time the two teams played in May 2021, Churchill swept WJ 3-0 but the boys are looking to reverse the score this year.

“I think that we’ll win and do well if we push our limits. We’ve prepared by warming up against a good opponent Wootton beating them 3-1. This will for sure be the toughest match we’ll play in the season and we’re all looking forward to it,” freshman Laurick Razafimandimby said.

Fairall acknowledges that although it is a big game, and that the team is as prepared as they can be.

“When you play in a big game I think you can’t change what you are doing too much or try too hard. You just have to trust in what you have been doing. We know Churchill’s players and what to expect. We’ve watched film and we know their stats. They have many juniors and seniors that I have followed for a few years now so I am very familiar with what they bring to the table,” Fairall said.

The two teams will face off at Churchill tonight, Wed April 6th, at 5:30 PM.