Alexander Wolfson’s senior reflection

Four years ago, after graduating from North Bethesda Middle School, I made the decision to come to WJ, and it proved to be a great one. Alas NB automatically feeds into WJ, so it actually wasn’t much of a decision, but it was still smart to board the bus September 4, 2018 to come to WJ; otherwise, I would have been late to my first day.

WJ simply is the greatest high school in American history. Each year at this school in my experience has been great. First and foremost, it’s been an honor to represent this school in the classroom. WJ classes, from AP level to gym class have been a lot of fun and I’ll sure miss them. Participating in Sports Debate Club, as well as the baseball and swim team have all been great experiences and it’s where I’ve made a lot of my best friends. Playing for the band for a couple of years was a really nice experience, and WJ music is incredible. And, of course, The Pitch has been one of the highlights of my WJ career.

Writing articles and directing my staff members while watching them grow to be young men and women has been a pleasure, and I know they’ll carry on the legacy of this great Editorial Board. It’s been rewarding to make new friends and lasting memories on The Pitch, and I want to thank Mrs. Borrelli for all her support.

My favorite work for The Pitch has been the video series “People of WJ,” where I got the chance to walk the great halls and find the people of WJ. It’s been amazing to see first hand what the community of WJ is—one where you can walk around the halls, approach students you’ve never seen before, strike up a conversation, and then share the anthem: “people of WJ.” It’s been a pleasure to film up close this friendly, welcoming community, and I’ve realized that even if we don’t know each other personally, we’ve all bonded by our ties to WJ. And that’s why it’s so easy to say “people of WJ”—it’s just natural for each and every one of us. Thus, I want to thank WJ and the people of WJ for a great four years and I will really miss it.