As the school year comes to a close, summer leagues start


Photo courtesy of Sanir Byanjankar

Wildcats 7 vs 7 coach Larry Hurd Jr. provides helpful pointers to his team in the huddle during the Blair 7v7 tournament.

It’s that time of year again! As the 2022 school year wraps up the academic side of things, the school’s athletic scene continues to thrive throughout the summer. Although not officially school-sponsored, WJ’s summer sports program is an important, vital way for student-athletes to maintain their skills and keep playing their sport once their season is over.
WJ athletics provides a multitude of summer athletic sports programs for student-athletes, including summer league basketball, 7v7 for football and soccer, as well as with the football summer lifting program. The summer sports league provides a place where athletes can continue to strive for excellence and build a foundation for the season ahead.
Many students look forward all year to the lazy summer days of sleeping in, playing video games and lounging by the pool. Other students commit to a summer-long program of waking up early and putting in the work to elevate their performance in their sport.
Sophomore Reid Wisniewski, a member of WJ’s 7v7 football team, does not find it hard to find that extra discipline in the summer.

“Football is my passion, and waking up in the morning to get ready for practice is never a problem for me. It definitely does get my mind in the right place and gets me mentally prepared for the season.” Wisniewski said.
Football coach Larry Hurd Jr. said that another key benefit of the summer sports program is that it also creates overall better team chemistry.
“The biggest benefit of being in seven on seven is team building, to be very honest. It also helps with timing and your passing game, and your pass cover skills. But I still think… the biggest benefit is actually team building,” Hurd said.
Mae Hamilton, a freshman women’s basketball player, agrees with Hurd.
“It helps us get to know each other and it also helps us grow our chemistry as a team,” Hamilton said.
Sophomore Daniel Kenvo, a dual-sport athlete who plays basketball and football, thinks one of the summer program’s biggest benefits is the recruiting aspect.
“Summer league allows you to get to know your teammates and allows you to be seen by the coaches,” Kenvo said.