To break up or not to break up

A couple holding hands before their long distance journey begins.

Photo courtesy of TN2 Magazine

A couple holding hands before their long distance journey begins.

Seniors have graduated and now the only decisions to be made are on a roommate. Most may think this is the case, but relationships can complicate this transitional summer, especially when one is leaving and the other is staying.

It’s not uncommon for juniors and seniors to get together. In fact, some might say they see more of these relationships than couples that are in the same grade. Now that summer has arrived, reality has set in for many of these couples. The big, dreaded decision must be made: to stay together and attempt long distance, or break up.

“It’s not like we want to break up but we both know it’s the best thing to do in the long-run,” junior Lucy Piemme said.

Piemme has been in a committed relationship for the past few months with a senior at Landon. Piemme attended his graduation explaining that there was a bittersweet feeling. Graduating is a huge milestone and should be celebrated yet she knows this means he is leaving soon.

“Long distance will definitely be hard but I think it’ll be worth it,” junior Jasmine Rouai said.

Rouai is also dating a senior attending The Landon School. Both her and Piemme have been able to hang out with each other yet their relationships are going in opposite directions.

“We’re just trying to live it up while we can this summer because we know these are the last few weeks together,” Piemme said.

All these types of couples seem to be doing the same thing: taking advantage of this summer in order to create the best and last memories with their significant other. But, some couples have decided to stick together, through the distance.

“This is definitely trial and error in a way. I guess we will see and cross whatever bridge we need to when we get to it,” Rouai said.

No matter what decisions these couples are making, they are having fun in the moment and for a high school relationship, that’s all that really matters.