Seniors compete against juniors in powder puff flag football game

Junior Aranda Hurge tries to make a juke against senior Trinity Hill. While , she does this her teammates Yness Seidnaly, Isabella Mondelli, and Rita Bousadi run with her as they all try to advance down the field.

As I watched the Powder Puff Games, I personally thought the juniors were going to win (and hoped for it since I’m a junior) . However, due to an unexpected call, the game ended prematurely, and the seniors won. Despite this, what really surprised me was the fact that the juniors were winning by 30 to 40+ points, and yet they still gave the win to the seniors . This brings me to my next point : Why wouldn’t they just give the juniors a penalty instead of forcing them to forfeit the win when the game was already more than ¾ finished and the juniors were winning by a lot .

Junior Aranda Hurge, when asked about her thoughts on the game that she just played in , says, “ I think the powderpuff game was going well for 3⁄4 of the game but the last ¼ of it people started to ignore the roles on both teams. But overall it was fun.”

Senior Emma Kothari, when asked about the game that she just played in, says, “ I thought it was fun and a good way to have fun with other people in our grade. Even though it got a bit rowdy it was still fun and seniors won.”

Despite the controversy of the call, it was a fun experience for me as the audience and many of the players as well.