Building temperature conditions cause discomfort


Photo by Alessandro Marra

Junior Wills Baker and Senior Parker Koenig play PE basketball against each other. Many WJ students wear sweatpants and hoodies on days the main gym is cold.

Students and staff have experienced AC problems throughout the building in specific hallways and rooms. Over the years, the building has maintained both hot and cold temperatures that have been constantly changing. This fluctuation in temperature has resulted in uncomfortable conditions for students.

“The main gym AC doesn’t work and is constantly hot; making everyone sweaty and exhausted,” sophomore Ella Hoban said.

Throughout both the buildings and the portables, temperatures are unstable. This can affect the way people choose to dress before going to school. Some students find it annoying to have to carry a hoodie or jacket around.

“I would say the majority of my classes are cold. I personally prefer colder classrooms. The classrooms that I have that are cold, are typically the classes I have in the morning. As the day goes on some of my classes get warmer,” senior Brooke Scherr said.

Extreme temperatures in classrooms can result in an uncomfortable environment for students and teachers. Students can find it difficult to learn when their body temperature is not regulated. Although, teachers who have worked at WJ for years have familiarized themselves with the school’s AC problems. Therefore, some have learned to adapt to it, knowing that it has been an ongoing issue.

“My office is just the right temperature on most days. Luckily, I am able to control the temperature through a thermostat in the room. Most teachers don’t have this privilege,” PE teacher Gladwin Worden said.

With AC control in the hands of the county, the temperature problems in the building affect students’ and staff’s school days, especially since the conversion to heat and air is set on a countywide schedule.