Fall, spring athletes recharge during winter

Junior Anna Zucconi sprints down the field in varsity lacrosse game. Zucconi just finished her soccer season and is changing focus to lacrosse.

For all athletes, a break is vital to recharge, train and relax in order to be in good shape for an upcoming season. The winter serves as a perfect intermission between fall and spring sports seasons. Athletes who play a sport in the fall and spring see the winter as a necessary pause to shift focus and prepare for the spring.

Senior Dan Avillo plays both varsity baseball and soccer for WJ. After a long soccer season, he looks forward to the winter to recover.

“The break is helpful for recovering from any injuries and it allows for more prep for the spring season,” Avillo said.

In addition to the time for rest and recovery, the winter gives athletes a chance to work on skills they can’t work on during the seasons.

Over the winter I work on specific aspects of baseball that I feel I can improve on and also weight training.

— Avillo

Fall and spring sports take up a huge chunk of time, and with practices every day and games multiple times a week, it can be difficult to also balance school work and friends. Over the winter, it is important for athletes to focus on the academic and social aspects of their life.

“I usually take more rest days in the winter but I’m also training on my own to prepare for the spring. I also take more free time to do school work and hang out with my friends during the winter,” junior Anna Zucconi said.

Zucconi plays soccer in the fall and lacrosse in the spring both at the varsity level. She feels the break is also important to switch gears into the next sport.

“In the winter I start training for the spring so that when it comes time, I’m fully ready and prepared for [the lacrosse season],” Zucconi said.

While the winter is a great time for recovery, it is also a good time to improve on skills and continue playing sports at a club level.

Freshman Charlotte DeLong just finished her very first varsity season on field hockey and plans to try out for lacrosse in the spring. DeLong is using the time off to prepare for tryouts and improve through playing on club teams.

“I play club for both field hockey and lacrosse which is very beneficial for staying in shape for the upcoming season,” DeLong said.

After just one season on a varsity sport, DeLong is excited to join another sport in the fall. Playing a sport in both the fall and spring is not only fun but an opportunity to stay active and social. The break in the winter also provides a necessary pause for athletes to thrive.

“After playing WJ field hockey for the first time, I am really excited to play lacrosse for [the] school because it is a super fun and supportive environment,” DeLong said.