WJ’s got talent! Raina Pinto sings for the trophy


Photo by Ishaan Ramola

Theodore Dietrich announces Raina Pinto’s triumphant win of the golden cow trophy after competing in the WJ Talent Show.

Tensions are high and all eyes are on you, but senior Raina Pinto never missed a note. Among a smorgasbord of talents, Pinto’s angelic voice shined through in her performance at the Pennies for Patients Talent Show fundraiser, where she gracefully claimed her golden cow trophy after a tough competition.

Pinto’s performance was one of many singing talents showcased at WJ’s first talent show, but her beautiful rendition of Billie Eilish’s cover of “The End of the World” by Rob Dickinson, embellished by her announcement of a future performance at her mother’s wedding, succeeded in stealing the judges’ hearts. While shaky at first, Pinto’s courage pulled through as she gained confidence and walked away with zero regrets.

“It was really nerve racking so I didn’t look at the crowd at all. In the beginning you could tell I was nervous, but later on I started to sing better as I stepped out of my comfort zone,” Pinto said.

After much debate, she plans to sing “Like I’m Going to Love You” by Megan Trainor and “A Thousand Years” by Cristina Perri for the wedding. In preparation, she started taking voice lessons once a week so her singing is just as shiny as her new trophy.

“It’s a big deal, and I really don’t want to mess it up. It’s my mom’s wedding and all I want for her is to be happy,” Pinto said.

Her drive to sing is something that has always been important to Pinto. Ever since she admired Disney princesses as a child, she dreamed of singing with a chorus of magical birds accompanying her. While she’ll settle with no birds, she hopes to have a future performing at gigs or other public occasions, so she can continue doing what she loves while also continuing to build her confidence.

“I want to get more into singing for an audience, like karaoke bars or gigs, because it’s one thing to be good at something but it’s another thing to show your talents to the world, and doing that can make you really happy,” Pinto said

In order for anyone to achieve their dreams, Pinto stresses the importance of using your voice in a way that’s meaningful to you, and driving home that importance with a good dose of confidence.

“It’s very powerful to use your voice because it’s coming from you, and no one can take your voice from you,” Pinto said.

For Pinto, the experience is one that started as something for ‘fun’, and turned into an everlasting memory, with hope to spark future careers and urge others to chase their dreams, even if it’s something as small as a talent show.

“If you have anything you’re passionate about, just go out and do it, even if you’re scared, because it’s so worth it in the end. It gives you a chance to show what you’re capable of and be brave,” Pinto said.