Students deciding to stay virtual rather than returning in-person


Photo by Wendy Borrelli

Many students are already attending school in person. However, many were unsure and opted to stay home and remain virtual.

Return to in person has already started for all of the grades; however, some students have decided to stay online, for various reasons.

It is impossible to completely eliminate the risk of Covid, even with all the precautions and safety measures that the schools are taking. Some students have decided to stay virtual in order to minimize the risk of them or their families catching Covid.

“The main reason was that I wanted to keep my family safe… I feel like the safest option would be, even though the school definitely has a lot of measures in place to keep everyone safe, the best option to be 100% sure that I wouldn’t give it to my family would be to just stay home,” sophomore Saanvi Shashikiran said.

There is less work given, and even with the work given, it is a lot easier to slack off online. Those who don’t want to do the full amount of work find it easier to stay online and continue to receive good grades, while still slacking off. From finding worksheet answers online to simply tuning out during lessons, some students find it a lot easier to not do the work, or find the work online and still get credit for it.

“There are pros and cons of both online and in person… because you can just sit there and kind of do nothing and still get a good grade,” sophomore Danielle Nadelman said.

It is also a lot more comfortable to work from the safety of one’s house rather than going in person. It will also be difficult to return to in person learning because, as it’s easier to slack off online, some students feel they haven’t learned enough to go back to an in-person learning curriculum.

“Not really being able to get the full education from our online classes… we only met twice a week obviously you’re not gonna get the full curriculum… so then because we didn’t really fully learn everything, then switching to in person, it might be a little bit harder,” senior Venus Latifian said.